Market Volatility Drives Flexible Supply Chain Thinking

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Hey there, welcome to #14 volume of  The Logistics Point Newsletter.

Technology is becoming an everyday topic for logistics and supply chain managers. At the same time consumers are embracing digital technologies and robotics faster than ever. Retailers of all sizes are trying to implement not only something that looks nice but also something that brings true value.

‘Organisations are now seeing how flexible the market is and are pushing more towards utilising the existing infrastructure, which means that the automation needs to be much more flexible, be deployed possibly in smaller areas in a more modular fashion, and then be able to be scaled quickly afterwards,’ explains Russell Holmes, Business Development Manager at AutoStore UK & Ireland.

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Volatility Again But…

One of the reasons for that flexibility is cost-cutting. All companies are feeling the squeeze and in an interview with Craig Kavanagh, Director of Sales, ArrowXL, we spoke about the way inflation will impact business operations. ‘Going forward we expect some of those metrics to change. Inflation is going down and there are some indications that the economic outlook is showing some elements of positivity,’ Craig told us in a video interview you can watch on our channel soon.

The economy likely will continue to be volatile in 2023, but we don’t foresee a massive 2023/2024 global recession. However, global growth will slow, particularly relative to explosive growth in 2022.

‘We do expect more defaults and bankruptcies to shake up 2023 because interest rates will continue to rise, and banks will tighten access to capital,’ says  Michael Rofman, leader of the Transportation and Logistics Group at Mazars US.

The right partner

How can we deal with yet another crisis? For Sam Titus, CTO at FreightPrint, it is about finding the right partner. You can watch a video interview with Sam very soon. ‘Logistics is still in its infancy when it comes to digitisation. We see many companies, here in the US and Europe, investing millions and some billions of dollars into transforming the last mile,’ he explains in the interview, talking about route optimisation adoption and more.

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You can read more in our January magazine here.

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