Shipster Introduces Automatic HS Code Classification Tool in Reaction to Rollout of Import Control System 2

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Manchester-based custom shipping integration platform, Shipster, has just launched an automatic HS Code Classification tool for eCommerce businesses looking for quick and accurate compliance with the new ICS2 regulations which are currently being rolled out by the EU Taxation and Customs Union.

The upgraded EU security protocol focuses on goods data before arrival and requires all customs forms to include exclusively high-quality data including accurate HS Codes. For retailers, updating such specific data for hundreds or thousands of products can be extremely daunting – particularly as product HS Codes are subject to change regularly. Yet failure to comply can lead to delayed shipments, additional fees, seizure of goods or possible penalties.

Tony Cheetham, Founder & MD, Shipster (Oddsphere Ltd) says:

”Shipster encourages both clients and other eCommerce businesses to start making updates today,
ICS2 should not be overlooked. Stuck parcels aren’t just a stress for the business but also risk a negative impact on overall customer satisfaction and reduce interest in repeat purchases. Finding an efficient way to straighten up all your product information is vital if you want to avoid these problems.”

The product itself will serve as an optional extension to the Shipster platform. It uses powerful AI technology to automatically match products with the appropriate HS Code from a live-updated database of more than 500+ million codes.

The Benefits of the HS Code Classification Tool are:

  • Quick Compliance – Vastly quicker, highly accurate and easier compliance with the new ICS2 regulations.
  • Keeping HS Codes constantly up to date – The WHO HS Codes update every 5 years and country-based nomenclatures are updated much more often. Shipster’s automation means taking the manual work out of checking for these by simply running the HS Code checker again in your own time.
  • Business Scaling – With access to millions of current HS codes, businesses can add as many new products as they like with no HS Code hassle.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Deliveries to customers are as fast as possible, avoid incorrect taxation and show reliability.

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