The Logistics Point September ’22

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Logistics Point Magazine.

In this edition:
Supply Chains Are Shifting in Response to Global challenges;
The Hidden Emissions of Lockers and Pick-up Locations;
Ship-from-store: Controlling the Pandora Box of Q-Commerce;
Labour Shortages in Logistics Continue;
Logistics Combines Force To Attract More New Talent;
Lifelong Learning Is Key For Supply Chain Practitioners;
How Delivery Drivers Became The Centerpiece Of The Heatwave Crisis;
VIDEO | How An Open Registry Is Fixing Supply Chain Silos;
Last mile & E-com Online Event by The Logistics Point;
Wearable Devices Combined With Data for Productivity;
Online Pharmacies Shake The Fulfilment Status-Quo;
Co-location of Hubs Could Save Megastores from Demise’

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