The Logistics Point Magazine May 2020

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Going back home!
The supply chain will never be the same after the current crisis. Already managers are looking into how they will have to rewrite the rules and adapt to an environment where goods are scarce. The result could be moving production closer where it can be controlled.

Read the May edition here.

Logistics and Data – The Big Unknown
Big Data and AI could transform the industry, but are we ready for it?

The Big Supply Chain Homecoming
Organisations want more control so just-in-time might not be anymore.

Warehouse demand still strong despite virus
More automated warehouses and fewer offices in the future.

Port of Hamburg is looking beyond the mega ships
The port sees future growth in ports and out of harbour borders
in hinterland traffic.

The circle of a startup – born and reborn
What does it take to set up a startup?

Seamless travel depends on data sharing
Can MaaS companies convince customers to share their data?

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