Vision as a service delivers agile growth and a secure investment

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As order volumes rise, logistics specialists look to introduce a new order picking system or expand their existing inventory of wearables. But there is often no budget for new procurements. Picavi is now solving this problem with its new vision as a service product category (VaaS). This offers users unlimited access to the pick-by-vision specialist’s ecosystem. Picavi is therefore creating a win-win scenario that gives everyone involved incredible flexibility.

As the logistics industry experiences the biggest peak of all time, many companies are planning to add more devices to their wearables inventory, in order to stay on top of rising order volumes. Picavi is now responding to this demand for easy scalability with its vision as a service model. This is a full-service package with all the necessary software licenses and release upgrades, along with connection to the WMS or ERP system, all for a fixed price. Customers also receive personal software support and the full pick-by-vision hardware as a turnkey solution from a single source.

The wearables inventory can be expanded at any point in the lease period. Logistics firms therefore get a hardware and software package that is always up to date. This service combines agility with a secure investment. “Customers are already working successfully with our vision as a service products and are quickly breaking even,” explains Carsten Funke, CSO at Picavi. “This product category is particularly interesting for new users, as it lets them get up and running with pick-by-vision quickly and easily.”

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