The Logistics Point November 2022

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Logistics Point 2022 November

PAGE 6: VIDEO |The Risky Game Of Controlling Consumers’ Expectations
PAGE 9: VIDEO | Sustainability Also Drives Cost Savings and That’s a Good Thing!
PAGE 14: VIDEO | New Platform Opens Up Supply Chain Data for Free
PAGE 16 Why Are Brands Going Green?
PAGE 18: Digital is Also About Changing Culture
PAGE 21: Gamification Saves Lives & Companies
PAGE 23: Expectations And Reality Clash On the E-com Ground
PAGE 26: Shipping Carriers Brace for Dip But Investment Will Continue
PAGE 28: SMEs Get a Helping Hand for Their Supply Chains
PAGE 31: Freeflow Routing Gives New Ability To Plan
PAGE 34: Right-shoring Gives Suppliers The Upper Hand
PAGE 37: The Value of One-Stop-Communication With Consumers
PAGE 39: Regulations & Tech Speed Up Circular Economy Adoption
PAGE 44: ESG Risks Exist Outside of Your Company. Don’t miss them out!
PAGE 47: Calculate Your Sustainability Costs Differently Or Lose Business

PAGE 50: Consumers’ Obsession With Visibility and Why You Should Care Too

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