What it means to be a fair logistics business?

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‘Our first point of call was to do a detailed Carbon Footprint. We also looked at what can be done and how it can be achieved. We realise there isn’t a lot of time and we are setting our targets at the most crucial areas, ‘ told us Nancy Hobhouse, Head of ESG, at EVRi, one of UK’s largest logistics organisations.

But does it really mean to be a fair logistics business? Knowing where to start from is challenging and often takes a lot of understanding of where you would like to go to. Working in partnerships with suppliers and customers is key for success, but just demanding is not enough.

Organisations need to actively engage with their stakeholders, and explain what happens when the business transitions towards an ESG framework. Nancy from EVRi shared some of the story the company has, which you can watch here.

Nancy will take part in our London Logistics Networking In-person Event on the 24th May. She will deliver a short and inspirational talk about the journey towards ESG, NetZero, and more. She will also lead an interactive discussion on the topic of ESG and how courier companies can deliver more with less carbon.

You can get a ticket now and share with a colleague or a client, who might be interested.

The other participants include Descartes Systems Group, the sponsor of the event, British Land, Zedify UK, Backhouse Jones Solicitors.

Get a ticket now and let’s get together to improve our operations and networks.

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